Marxan Report Updated

from October 15th, 2012

Our report on a series of Marxan scenarios (13 MB PDF) features the results of some human use Marxan analyses.  The report describes how the BCMCA used Marxan to identify areas of high conservation value (using ecological data) and to identify areas important to human use (using human use data only).

Publication of these results follows a series of web hosted presentations designed to engage representatives from each human use sector in a review of Marxan methods and a discussion of the validity of scenario results for their sector. Two sectors approved publication of scenario results alongside several caveats and the report now includes 10 results maps for commercial fisheries and shipping and transportation, illustrating areas important to those sectors in the marine environment. The remaining four sectors (recreational fisheries, ocean energy, tourism and recreation, and tenures) requested that the Marxan results not be made public. Further information is provided on page 46 of the report.

Spatial data for the human use Marxan results of the approved scenarios are now available for download, along with detailed metadata. Please visit the the analysis page of the website for more information.


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