Announcing the BCMCA Data Library and Marine Atlas

from March 11th, 2011

The BCMCA is excited to announce the launch of the BCMCA Marine Atlas and Data Library.

The BCMCA Marine Atlas and Data Library is an online, open access resource where you can browse, view, or download ecological and human use maps, data and metadata for the Canadian Pacific. The Data Library and Marine Atlas is designed to inform coast-wide integrated marine planning and management initiatives.

A key feature of the Data Library and Marine Atlas is that it is a comprehensive, digital collection that holds over 260 maps in more than 20 different categories, illustrating both ecological and human use marine features of the Canadian Pacific. Currently, all the ecological content is available, while some human use pages are still under review and will be available shortly.

The human uses that are mapped fall into these categories: commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries, shipping and marine transportation, energy, recreation and tourism, and marine or foreshore tenures such as aquaculture or log booms. The ecological features fall into these categories: physical representation, plants, birds, fish, invertebrates and mammals.

The content of the Data Library and Marine Atlas is the result of several years of assembling, collating and reviewing data. This assembly and review process relied upon experts from a variety of backgrounds including governments, First Nations, user groups, stakeholders, academia, non-governmental organizations, and consultants and we thank all those who generously gave their time.

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