map of the BCMCA study area with selected features

In this section of the website, you can browse and download ecological and human use maps and data for the Canadian Pacific.

The majority of this data was created from 2008–2009, with a few features added and/or updated from 2010–2013. A map of  the BCMCA study area with selected features is available as high res 2.8 MB PDF.

guidelines for use

The BCMCA has worked to provide open access to BCMCA products with appropriate and complete documentation. We developed these guidelines to prevent misuse of our products:

Please acknowledge the BCMCA for products that you find useful in your own work. Cite as:

British Columbia Marine Conservation Analysis Project Team. 2011. Marine Atlas of Pacific Canada: A Product of the British Columbia Marine Conservation Analysis. Available from www.bcmca.ca.

If you need assistance, find an error or have a request please email data@bcmca.ca.

also of interest: PNCIMA Atlas

The Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) initiative’s aim is engaging all interested parties in the collaborative development and implementation of an integrated management plan for PNCIMA. Supporting this effort is a reference atlas (website), complementary to the BCMCA atlas, with 60 themes relevant to the PNCIMA planning process, including communities, ecologically and biologically significant areas, and point source pollution.