our approach

The BCMCA called upon experts who have experience with the ecological features and human use data. These experts came from a variety of backgrounds, including governments, First Nations, user groups, stakeholders, academia, non-governmental organizations, and consultants.

photo by Max Lindenthaler

A number of experts on ecological data were engaged through a workshop format. To gather the human use data the Project Team asked for input from user groups about their needs and interests related to displaying and analyzing their marine use.

Experts informed the BCMCA as to the best data available and how these data should be pre-processed for analysis in Marxan. For each recommended feature layer, experts were also asked to recommend values for some Marxan parameters.

The ecological experts were asked to answer the following types of questions:

The experts on human uses were asked to answer the following types of questions:

There are two components in which expert knowledge was gathered through avenues other that the workshop format: