Features Updated and New Atlas Pages Available

from May 30th, 2013

The BCMCA has obtained updated data for a number of features over the last few months. The following Ecological features atlas pages have been updated: At-sea marine bird density, At-sea listed marine bird density, At-sea Marbled Murrelet density, Cassin’s Auklet foraging habitat, Rhinoceros Auklet foraging habitat, Bull kelp and giant kelp, Rare algae, Selected invertebrates (corals, crustaceans, echinoderms, molluscs, segmented worms, sponges), Oceanographic Regions, now called Upper Ocean Sub Regions (Methods to derive these regions were reviewed, our new facing page is much more informative, and a full report on methods is now available with the feature data download.).

There have also been Human use features alas pages updated: Commercial halibut fishing, Ferry terminals and routes, Renewable energy tenures, Tenures (aquaculture, commercial and industrial uses, commercial recreation, log handling and storage, residential marine, utilities), Tourism (environmental conservation and recreation), Vessel traffic (fishing vessels, government vessels, merchant vessels, passenger and cruise vessels, pleasure crafts and yachts, research vessels, tankers, and tugs).

In addition, we have gathered data for a few new features and atlas pages. You can now access pdf atlas pages and GIS compatible data (in shapefile format) for these new features: Common Murre foraging habitat, Disposal-at-sea sites, Shipwrecks, Maritime zones and jurisdictions, Pollutant spill locations.

While we have not updated or rerun any of the BCMCA example Marxan scenarios, we’d like to note that the spatial files for these results continue to be available for download at our Analysis page

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