New Goal Relates to Access and Use

from November 15th, 2011

While the overall purpose of the BCMCA project is to collaboratively identify marine areas of high conservation value and areas important to human use in Canada’s Pacific Ocean, the project has entered a new phase as of the summer 2011.

The goal of this phase of the BCMCA is to ensure that marine planning agencies, organizations and the marine user community understands and have access to the expert-driven and peer-reviewed BCMCA products. The three main objectives are to ensure British Columbia marine planning processes are aware of and have access to the BCMCA products, to provide new or revised data products and analysis work, and to strengthen collaborative relationships between BCMCA and the marine user community in British Columbia.

The BCMCA is currently requesting expressions of interest from marine planning processes within British Columbia. The BCMCA intends to assist several processes over the next year with use and access to BCMCA products. 

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