team & timeline

photo by Dave Nicolson

The Project Team was responsible for overseeing the coordination and implementation of the BCMCA from 2006-2013.

The Project Team was comprised of representatives from various agencies, organizations, and industries who have an interest in marine planning or use the ocean resources. The Project Team reflected these sectors of interest with representatives from First Nations, Federal government, Provincial government, environmental non government organizations, user groups, and academia.

The Project Team Terms of Reference (0.4 MB PDF) outlines how the Team worked together including a code of conduct, roles and responsibilities, the decision making approach and data storage and sharing arrangements.

Members of the Project Team come from diverse backgrounds and together we have a wide range of expertise. This list includes members as of May 2013:

organization name title
* Indicates participation with the Project Team as Observers. Observer were invited to the Project Team to represent a constituent group and were invited to speak, question, and participate fully in Project Team meetings. However, Observers choose whether or not to be part of a decision. If they chose to be part of a decision they agreed to follow the decision making procedures.
BC Seafood Alliance
representing Human Use Working Group
Bruce Turris Human Use Data Working Group Representative
Environmental Non Governmental Organizations Representative Jenn Burt ENGO Representative
Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance Ken Cripps* Program Director
School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria Natalie Ban Assistant Professor
North Coast-Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society Craig Outhet* Marine Planning Coordinator
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Miriam O Biologist
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Glen Rasmussen Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Resource Management Objectives Branch, Province of British Columbia Rob Paynter Manager Information and Data
Haida Fisheries Program Chris McDougall* GIS Analyst, Haida Oceans Technical Team
Island and Approach First Nations Fisheries (past) Susan Anderson Behn* Coordinator (past)
Living Oceans Society
representing BC ENGOs
Karin Bodtker Marine Analyst
Parks Canada Krista Royle Ecosystem Data Specialist
Sport Fishing Advisory Board
representing Human Use Working Group
Doug Daugert North Coast Recreational Fishing
West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Board Andrew Day* Director, Tsawalk Partnership

The environmental organizations contributing to this project include te Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Living Oceans Society, Sierra Club BC, and World Wildlife Fund Canada.

Project Timeline 

Project Initiation and Project Team established Fall 2006
Ecological expert workshops and reports Fall 2006 – Spring 2008
Ecological data compilation and processing Spring 2007 – Spring 2010
Human use engagement Spring 2008 – Summer 2010
Product User Workshop @ IMCC2 Spring 2011
Marine Atlas of Pacific Canada – marine ecological values and human use Spring 2011
Facilitate Use of and Access to BCMCA Products Winter 2011/2013
A Series of Marxan Scenarios for Pacific Canada Spring 2012
BCMCA Interactive Atlas  Spring 2013
BCMCA products available on BCMCA website Through 2023