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Ditch Grass


description — Ditch grass (Ruppia spp.) are aquatic¬†vascular plants that can live underwater. They are commonly referred to as a type of intertidal¬†seagrass, although it is a freshwater species with a high salt tolerance. It provides habitat and food for many species and is a indicator of coastal wetland health.

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feature GIS data — BCMCA does not have permission to share data for this feature (see data custodians).

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Marxan-ready data — Either BCMCA does not have permission to share Marxan data for this feature (see data custodians), or BCMCA does not use this feature in the analyses and so no Marxan data was generated for this feature.

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for data layer: Harbours Atlas

custodian — Capital Regional District: Jody Watson

restrictions — There are restrictions set on BCMCA distributing the raw data, feature data, and Marxan-ready data.

for data layer: Ruppia observations

custodian — n/a: Cynthia Durance

for data layer: Ruppia specimen records

custodian — University of British Columbia Herbarium: http://www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca/herbarium/index.html

raw data is available at http://www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca/herbarium/index.html

how to access the restricted data

This feature was created from 3 raw data layers. Each data layer has a custodian and different restrictions as to which types of data BCMCA may distribute on this website. The unrestricted feature and Marxan-ready data are available to download at the map & data tab. To gain access to the restricted data, please go through the following process:

  1. Determine whether you are interested in the feature data or Marxan-ready data. (See the Glossary for descriptions on these data types.)
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    • which features you are requesting permission to have data for
    • whether you are requesting the feature data or Marxan-ready data
  3. When all of the required permissions have been received for a feature or set of features, please forward the email confirmations to the BCMCA data custodian at info@bcmca.ca to obtain the data.

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