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tenuresAquaculture – Finfish
Marine-based finfish aquaculture sites.
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tenuresAquaculture – Shellfish
Marine-based shellfish aquaculture sites.
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tenuresLog Handling and Storage
Log handling and storage Crown land tenures throughout coastal BC as of October 2012.
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tenuresResidential Marine
Crown land tenures issued for residential marine types of use as of October 2012. Uses include floating cabin, floating communities, private moorage and strata moorage.
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tenuresCommercial and Industrial Use
Commercial, light and heavy industrial, commercial docks and energy production Crown land tenures in the coastal and marine areas of BC as of October 2012. Log handling mapped separately.
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Utility Crown land tenures that overlap marine areas of BC as of October 2012. Includes telecommunication lines, submerged power lines, sewer effluent lines, oil and gas pipelines, water lines, and transmission line tenures issued for waterpower purposes.
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feature count,
Tenures Feature Count
The number of different tenure features that inform each 2km by 2km planning unit.
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