The list of Frequently Asked Questions documents questions received during the BCMCA meetings and public engagement functions during the product development phase of the BCMCA project.

The questions and answers below relate to the Project Team, First Nations, the process, the products and Marxan analysis.

Project Team

Why are Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Parks Canada, Integrated Land and Management Bureau and BC Ocean and Marine Fisheries Branch (observers) are on the Project Team, but other government agencies like Transport Canada, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada, or Natural Resources Canada are not?

How did the user group representatives on the Project Team get selected?

First Nations

How is First Nations information being incorporated or addressed in this project?

The Process

Why do we need another process that s just going to lead to more conservation and closed areas? Marine use is already tightly regulated and we ve already made sacrifices in the interest of conservation before.

Why would I participate, what benefit is there to my sector?

How are you addressing change over time?

The information that exists for my sector is dated/poor quality etc. How will you address this?

Why are American foundations with an inherent bias for conservation funding this project? What makes them interested in BC marine use?

The foundations supporting the BCMCA:

What are the consequences of individuals, organizations or interest groups, who are not familiar with our industry, who use the outcomes of the BCMCA to influence the future development of our industry?

BCMCA Products

What are the BCMCA products and what effect will they have on the future of human development along our coast?

[1] There are human uses for which there are no known spatial data layers.

How will you ensure that the products are current and contain accurate information?

Marxan Analysis

What is Marxan and who decides what inputs and targets to use, as these will determine the outputs?

Why was Marxan chosen as the only analysis program used? What are the implications of not considering other mapping/marine use analysis programs?